White River Valley Electric Cooperation
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Commercial Rates

Single Phase Service Commercial

Minimum Charge
Kwh Charge
9.63 cents/Kwh

The minimum monthly bill for single phase commercial service shall be $28.00.

Three Phase Service

Minimum Charge
Excess Kwh 9.525 cents/Kwh

The minimum monthly bill for three phase service shall be $44.00.

Large Power Service

Minimum Charge
Demand $10.50/Kw demand
Energy First 100 hours/Kw @
7.06744 cents
  Excess KWh @ 5.4142 cents

The minimum monthly bill for large power service shall be $94.00. The demand shall be the maximum kilowatt demand established by the consumer for any period of 15 consecutive minutes during the month for which the bill is rendered, as shown or recorded by a demand meter.


A deposit will be required for commercial services. Please contact White River Valley Electric Cooperative for the exact amount.