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Service Agreement for Automatic Security Lighting

The undersigned, herein after referred to as the Applicant, hereby applies to White River Valley Electric Cooperative, Inc., herein after referred to as the Cooperative, for unmetered street lighting service, on a rental basis.

Terms and conditions: The Cooperative agrees to install, operate and maintain on the applicant’s premises, at agreed upon location pole mounted street light(s). Lighting fixture with automatic dusk-to-dawn switching device (photo electric cell), wiring circuit, lamp and other necessary equipment is to be furnished by the cooperative. Maintenance of all equipment installed under this agreement and replacement of lamps will be provided by the cooperative. Such work will be limited to normal working hours of cooperative personnel…no service on overtime.

The acceptance of this application by the Cooperative shall constitute an agreement between the Applicant and the Cooperative, and the contract for street light shall continue in force from the date service is made available by the Cooperative, until canceled by at least 30 days written notice given by either party to the other, after a minimum 12 months service, except in the event of the occurrence of one or both of the following events or circumstances to-wit:

  1. In the event the neighbors of the Applicant complain (in writing) to the Cooperative that such street light is bothering them, then in such event, the Cooperative may discontinue the street light service by giving the Applicant a 30-day written notice by regular mail, addressed to the Applicant at his or her last known post (mailing) office address. The 30-day written notice period shall begin with the date of posting said letter.
  2. The Cooperative reserves the right to cancel the street light service immediately without notice to Applicant, in the event undue vandalism should occur to the light.

It is understood that all equipment installed by the Cooperative, to provide lighting service under this agreement, remains the property of the Cooperative. No connections to or extensions of the circuit serving the unmetered light may be made by the Applicant. The consumer shall notify the Cooperative when the lamp is not operating properly.

Rental charge: For each street light fixture mounted on an existing pole, a monthly rental fee will apply. When it is Necessary in order to meet the Applicant’s requirements or for safety, that the Cooperative adds a pole or poles, a prepaid charge of $300.00 per each pole will be made. The light rental charge will appear on the consumer’s billing card.

Payment for service under this agreement shall be subject to all rules and policies of the Cooperative, and become a part of the regular service to the Applicant.

The acceptance of this signed application by the Cooperative constitutes a contract between the Applicant and the Cooperative and shall be binding on heirs and assigns of the Applicant.

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