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Conserve Energy with White River Valley Electric Cooperative (WRVEC)

Are you worried about the cost of your electric bill or concerned about energy efficiency, but not sure how to cut costs and save energy? Get savvy energy efficiency tips to help you conserve energy.

By simply adjusting some daily habits, you can decrease energy costs at home. Consider taking shorter showers in the morning or buy a motion sensor light for the driveway, rather than leaving a light burning all night long. These are just a few shortcuts you can take to improve your home energy efficiency. For larger, more noticeable changes, consider having an energy audit done, buying Energy Star appliances, making use of our energy rebate program, and exploring the benefits of saving energy.

Start conserving energy today! Use the energy conservation tips and tools below to help you find ways to save energy at home or at the office.

  • Ask an Expert: Ask an expert any questions you may have regarding WRVEC, or saving energy. 
  • Energy Safety Tips: While using electricity in your home or on your commercial property, it is always important to exercise proper safety precautions. We have compiled a list of safety tips to keep you protected.
  • Saving Energy Tips: It’s possible to decrease your energy usage just by performing some basic house fixes, or by changing some of your habits. Find out how to seal your house against energy leaks, and how to conserve energy by just turning off the water in our comprehensive list.
  • Degree Days: Compare your monthly heating and cooling usage with a standardized scale created by WRVEC.
  • Home Energy Use Guide: Find out more about home energy use that will help WRVEC members make smart energy choices
  • Tax Credits: WRVEC members can take advantage of tax credits and incentives from both the federal and Missouri state government.
  • Net Metering: WRVEC members that own small renewable energy generation systems can take advantage of “net metering” to save money and resources
  • Heat Pumps: Bring energy efficiency and peace of mind to your home by installing a heat pump.
  • Energy Star Appliances: Appliances and electronics featuring the ENERGY STAR logo use less energy than similar models. Find out how to save energy using these appliances.

Contact us today or call 1-800-879-4056 to get more information on energy conservation for your home or business.