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Environment One (E-one) Grinder Pumps

Grinder pump service

When faced with grinder pump malfunctions, White River Valley Environmental Services provides  repair services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Just call 417.335.9333 and follow the voice prompts.  We maintain an inventory of spare pumps and parts and have the equipment and experience to take care of your grinder pump problem promptly and professionally.  Even on Christmas Day!

Recommended grinder pump brand

Environment One (E-One) is the most reliable grinder pump system on the market today and is available for purchase through White River Valley Environmental Services.  These pumps are built to perform for the long haul in difficult environments and they are repairable. Most competing pumps, in comparison, are throwaway units when they fail.  White River Valley Environmental Services is a factory authorized E-one warranty and repair center.

To learn more about E-One grinder pump pricing and service, please contact Terry Baker at WRVES at 417.294.1963.