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Leveraging Energy Audits to Save Money

If you’re worried about the amount of money your family is spending on electricity, but have already cut back your energy usage, and still see no results, it might be time for an energy audit. While an energy audit may seem overwhelming, audits are actually useful things that can save you immeasurable amounts of money and energy.

Audits stop the excess use of power by thoroughly inspecting your home. Primarily, auditors look for weatherization opportunities: areas where heated or cooled air may be escaping through leaks in door jambs, windows, electrical outlets, or the duct-work of the heating and cooling system. They also examine crawl spaces and basements for energy efficiency opportunities. Basic suggestions towards energy efficiency are also made, such as the implementation of CFLs.

Overall, an energy audit will save you money by increasing your energy efficiency. The amount of money an energy audit costs will be returned in lower electric bills through the years. We also provide a cost share incentive: the total cost of an energy audit is $275, but we will pay $200 making the total out of pocket cost to the owner $75.

When the audit is complete, the auditor will provide you with an energy efficiency kit. This kit will provide the basics to begin necessary repairs and to take the first steps towards energy efficiency as suggested by the auditor. Once the work has been completed, you have the option of sending the invoices to White River Valley Electric Cooperative (WRVEC) for a return of 50% on the cost of the work.*

All members of our service area are eligible for an energy audit as long as the structure to be audited is a permanent structure owned by the member and that you meet the income requirements.

If you qualify for assistance from OACAC or Ozark Action Inc. the audit is free of charge. Please contact the appropriate agency below.

  • For members residing in Christian, Stone and Taney Counties, click here to contact OACAC.
  • For members residing in Douglas or Ozark Counties, click here to contact Ozark Action, Inc.

Conducting an Energy Audit

The auditor will conduct their examination by performing the following inspections:

  1. A blower door test will be conducted. This will pressurize the building to locate air leaks.
  2. All windows, doors, electrical outlets, switches, recessed lighting, and rim joists will be inspected for air leaks.
  3. All air leaks that are found will be recorded so they can be found and sealed later.
  4. The heating system filter will be checked to see if it needs to be replaced or cleaned.
  5. If the ductwork is accessible, the heating and air conditioning ducts will be inspected for air leaks.
  6. The water heater temperature will be checked to see if it is within the recommended range.
  7. An AECI provided water heater wrap will be installed on all units.
  8. An AECI provided hot water pipe wrap will be applied from the top of the water heater up to 10’, if the pipe is accessible.
  9. If the owner gives permission, a low flow shower head will be installed.
  10. An inspection of the attic and wall installation will take place to determine if additional insulation is necessary.
  11. The basement and any crawl spaces will be inspected to see if there is any potential for energy efficiency.
  12. The auditor will determine the presence of CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs), and if there are no CFLs, he/she will leave AECI provided CFLs, and install them with the owner’s permission.

*There is a $500 cap on this incentive. Click Here for the Home Energy Audit Rebate Weatherization Form.

Find out more about energy audits from WRVEC. To contact us,  click here or call 1-800-879-4056.

Or if you would like to conduct a basic Energy Audit on-line, click here to create your own custom energy report.