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Protect Your Family from Unpredictable Power Surges

Surge protectors are vital in most homes and offices today due to the volume and value of electronic equipment. Most homes and officers have multiple computers, wireless routers and televisions, that can be damaged in the event of a power surge. A power surge can come into a home through any wire, including antenna lines, telephone wires and television cable lines. The results of a power surge can be overwhelming because one surge is all it takes to destroy valuable electronics. That’s why having the right surge protection is imperative—and why White River Valley Electric Cooperative (WRVEC) makes it easy.

Now you can lease a “Whole House” surge protector from WRVEC for under $5 a month.*

The “Whole House” Surge Protector includes a first stage surge protection system to protect against power surges. We’ll also provide an in-house kit of plug-in outlet surge protectors to guard your most important electrical appliances. With the lease program, we will also examine your home’s grounding system at the service entrance.

Why worry about unexpected power surges ever again? Permanently protect all of your appliances with household surge protectors. Contact us to lease a surge protector today or call 1-800-879-4056..

*Basic installation is a one-time charge of $19.99 and well installation is a one time charge of $65.  The low monthly rate of $4.99/month requires a minimum one year lease.

*Click hereto download the Residential Surge Suppression Agreement.