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Energy Conservation Tips

Limiting your energy use can be as simple as turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth, ensuring that your home or commercial building is fully sealed against the outside air, or remembering to turn off lights as you leave a room.

Here are some energy efficiency tips from Touchstone Energy to help you conserve as well as boost your home energy efficiency.

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Add Up your Savings

Together We Save: Learn more about energy saving tips and energy efficiency facts that will help the environment and lower your electric bills.
Home Tour

Energy Savings Home Tour: Take a tour of Touchstone Energy’s Energy Efficient House. The house is filled with basic tips on how to conserve energy by changing your day to day lifestyle, and making bigger, one time changes, such as buying Energy Star home appliances.

Light Bulb Energy Saver

Light Bulb Energy Saver: CFLS, or Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs, use 66% less energy than the more common incandescent bulbs, and CFLs last ten times longer. But how will these savings add up? Calculate how much you can save by changing from incandescent to CFLs, bulb to bulb.

Home Audit

Home Energy Save Audit – Online: Using a description of your home, your appliances, and your geographic location, this audit will help you improve energy savings and management in your own home.

Home Energy Savings Guide

Home Energy Savings Guide: Provided by Touchstone Energy, this savings guide will give you tips and suggestions for conserving energy in your own home. With quick facts and statistics, it gives you a wide range of opportunities to conserve energy. Remember, you can control your energy costs.

Seal the Deal

Seal the Deal: Ready to seal your house against niggling cracks that leak out energy, but not entirely sure how to go about it? Seal the Deal is a short video designed to get you started on some at-home projects to ensure that your house is sealed tight against the elements.

Heating and Cooling Energy Saver

Heating and Cooling Energy Savings: One of the best ways to save both money and energy is to make sure your heating and cooling system is working efficiently and effectively. There are simple, easy ways to do this. Use these tips to find out if it’s time to replace your heating and cooling system.

Commercial Energy Savings Guide

Commercial Energy Savings Guide: This guide is directed specifically to commercial members. These tips range from how to ventilate properly to what  to ask when buying an energy saving product.

101 ways to save energy

101 Ways to Save Energy: This all-inclusive guide suggests 101 No-Cost/Low-Cost ways to save energy right in your home just by changing a few habits, or a few light bulbs! There will certainly be a few energy saving tips that will work for you.

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