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Safety in the Storm

Lightning storms can pose a serious risk to businesses and homes. A strike can cause outages which increases risk for loss of important data, as well necessitating expensive repairs.

Rather than worry about such disruptions, install Power Quality Plus. Power Quality Plus is a multi-stage home surge protection system that protects against surges from within your home—faulty wiring, loose connections, and fluctuating demand from large motors, as well as lightning strikes and power surges from outside the home. Power Quality Plus comes with a manufacturer’s warranty, and provides power surge protection. It protects against damages associated with lightning strikes and other external power surges, as well as shorts, outages, and blinks from outside your home.

To protect your home or business during a lightning storm, follow these safety tips.

  • At the first sign of an incoming storm, unplug all appliances, besides those necessary for obtaining weather information.
  • Electricity can travel through water pipes and wiring, so be sure to stay away from any appliances that may use either water pipes or electricity such as sinks and corded phones.
  • During a lightning storm, avoid using all electronic appliances. If you need to communicate with someone, use a telephone only.
  • Be sure to stay away from windows and open doors.
  • Make sure all air conditioners are turned off. Lightning can overload an air conditioner’s compressor creating a fire hazard and potentially destroying the air conditioner.

Get more energy safety tips or pay your electric bill online. To contact White River Valley Electric Cooperative,  click here or call 1-800-879-4056.

Are you prepared for a storm? Check out our checklist here.