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Proposed Bylaw Amendments


White River Valley Electric Cooperative does everything with our members in mind. You are not just customers, but members who own and control the organization. Voting is your right and responsibility as a member, and participation is key to our success.

The Bylaws, Governance, and Engagement Committee continues to help evaluate what we do at the Cooperative to provide best-in-class service for our members. This includes updating necessary bylaws and continuing to review our processes annually. We have been able to implement a great deal of efficiencies while providing additional value to members with the amendments that were passed in the last few elections.

This year, members will cast their ballots for one bylaw amendment, in addition to three board seats. Please consider the following information before casting your ballots. Learn more about our bylaws and board of directors at Board of

You will see the proposed verbiage additions of the bylaws in red.


Members will be asked the following question in the 2022 election:

Article 1:

Are you in favor of granting the Cooperative a right to extend commercial fiber optic communication services for high-speed internet or “fiber to the home” throughout its service area by allowing the Cooperative, its wholly owned subsidiaries, and licensees, to utilize Cooperative facilities, poles, and easements for this purpose, with an amendment to Article 1, Section 4 as follows?

 Section 4.  Membership and Deposit Feeds

Proof of membership shall be the member’s signed and accepted membership application, the member’s account of record established with the Cooperative, and subsequent purchase of electricity. Each member confers a permanent right and authorization to the Cooperative, its wholly owned subsidiaries, and licensees, to utilize Cooperative facilities, poles, and easements for the purpose of providing commercial fiber optic communication services (i.e., high-speed internet) to its members and others within its service area. No membership in the Cooperative shall be transferrable, except as provided in these bylaws. Deposits may be established as shall from time to time be determined by resolution of the Board of Directors.

A “YES” vote on this amendment encourages a more efficient and cost-effective process if the Cooperative is able to provide broadband internet in the future. The Cooperative is currently in the process of applying for multiple grants to make the project more financially feasible.