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Net Metering

Providing members with reliable service
and self-generation capabilities

Understanding Net Metering

WRVEC prides itself on offering members affordable rates. We continue to do so through net metering – a service that enables customers to use their own generation from on-site renewable energy systems to offset a portion of their electric energy consumption. When members generate electricity in excess of their demand, the energy runs back through the meter and is recorded and credited against the customer’s monthly electricity purchases. Member generation of solar power is most-common, but net metering can also be accomplished with alternative energy sources.

Members must apply for a net meter and complete WRVEC’s pre- and post-construction system requirements, outlined in the Interconnection Agreement. Once approved, WRVEC will visit the member’s property to install the net meter. Note, our approval process may take up to 90 days for approval.

The following graphic illustrates how WRVEC members stay connected to the grid while utilizing a solar power generation system.

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Net Metering FAQ

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