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Energy Safety

Stay Safe Whenever Energy is Involved

  • Missouri One Call: The Missouri One Call (MOCS) was established as a means to protect these underground facilities and to assist excavators and utilities in complying with Missouri’s statute and OSHA Rules 1926.651.
  • Appliance Safety: It is important to always practice appliance safety while handling appliances. Here are a few basic tips to always keep in mind.
  • Electrical Fire Safety: Electrical fires are unlike normal fires because they cannot be put out with water, and burns incurred may be more severe than typical burns. It is important to always follow these tips if an electrical fire occurs.
  • Extension Cord Safety: Extension cords are a common, useful tool. It is important to exercise safety precautions when placing, handling, and using them.
  • Generator Safety: To prevent dangerous situations, be sure to hook up your generator properly. Consider using the GenerLink.
  • Look Up and Live: An important law to keep in mind, and an opportunity to learn more about electrical safety.
  • Neighborhood Electrical Safety: While power lines are generally safe, follow these tips to ensure they do not become a threat.
  • Storm Safety: Lightning storms are awesome displays of nature‚Äôs power, but they can also be dangerous. Follow these safety tips to ensure your safety, as well as avoiding potential damage to your appliances.
  • Substation Safety: Substations are a necessary part of bringing electricity to your home, but they can also be dangerous. Stay safe by giving them a wide berth.
  • Ten Foot Rule: When working outside, remember to keep a healthy circumference of ten feet from all power lines.

If you have any questions regarding tips, please contact us.