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Fiber to the home

Fiber to the Home


After many months of research and deliberation, the White River Valley Board of Directors has made a resolution to move forward with an executable plan to deploy fiber-to-the-home (FTTH). We realize that the commitment to deliver reliable internet service is vital for the growth and sustainability of our membership and the communities we serve. We are currently pursuing:

  • multiple grant funding options
  • evaluating designs for build out
    ***timeline, locations, and availability for service have not yet been released***
  • working through administrative details such as staffing and subsidiary logistics – as this is a separate business entity.

Please make sure the contact information on your account is up to date. This will make it easy for us to share details, such as location and availability, once they have been finalized. You can also visit our website and social pages to learn about the progression of the project.

We look forward to building a world-class fiber network that will transform our rural communities just as our founders did with electric 83 years ago.

Tune in here and follow our social pages for updates on the project.