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At White River Valley Electric Cooperative, our mission is to provide members with safe, reliable, and affordable power - while enhancing the lives of those we serve.

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Photo of Chris Hamon speakingCedar Creek to Protem transmission line

A few years back, White River did a feasibility study of rebuilding the distribution lines connecting the Cedar Creek and Protem substations. We found the voltage drop, from one end to the other, to be so severe that just a rebuild wouldn’t do the trick. The task of finding means to connect the two at 69,000 volts (or someday at 161,000 volts) began. After a great deal of research, the tie between the two subs is being constructed by our transmission suppliers, KAMO and ShoMe Power.

One of the biggest things in siting a transmission line is acquiring the right-of-way.  This task alone took over two years to complete.  While the request isn’t always a property owner’s favorite, it’s a necessity for sustained reliability. There was a great deal of compromise by the owners and our power suppliers and we are humbled that both parties arrived at a resolution. Right-of-way crews from both transmission companies have cleared and construction is underway to the west; in KAMO’s territory.

The project will look different, from one end to another, depending on what is needed.  KAMO is building a double-poled power line while ShoMe will use single-pole construction.  As of January 15, 2020 – KAMO’s poles are laid out and mostly framed.  Work further east, in ShoMe territory, is forecasted to end sometime late summer to early fall.

One might think that just constructing this power line is the project’s entirety.  However, substation work at Protem, Cedar Creek, and Branson is in progress.  Several capacity studies have been completed and the new line will operate at 69,000 volts.  At some time in the future, the transmission loop around the Table Rock Dam will be rebuilt and new line energized at 161,000 volts.

North and south transmission has never been an issue, but moving power east and west is limited. The new line and loop upgrade will eliminate those issues, further increasing reliability across the system. This has been a lengthy project, but so comes with anything built to last. We appreciate the property owners who made access agreeable. We also tip our hats to the talent and ingenuity our crews possess. Working side-by-side makes everything come together!


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