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Payment Options

For your convenience, WRVEC offers several options for members to pay their electric bill.



SmartHub makes it convenient and quick for you to get information on-the-go right from your iOS or Android device! EnergyTracker links you directly to SmartHub where you can:

-View your hourly, daily and monthly electric usage.
-Receive an email when you reach usage thresholds.
-Quickly pay your bills.
-Receive bill reminders.
-Get outage information.
-Report an outage.
-Connect with social media.

PAy now

Don’t have a Smart Hub account?  Pay Now is another convenient way to pay your bill.


Vanilla direct

Vanilla Direct is a great program that provides an option for our members that pay cash flexibility and the ability to pay towards their bill when and where it is convenient for them. The program communicates with Smarthub so payments made at retail partner locations appear immediately on members accounts. Learn more about the program and see participating locations below.

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Residential/Commercial Members


Net Metered Members

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Automatic Bank Drafts

The cooperative will automatically transfer funds from your chosen checking account to pay your electric bill each month. The funds will be taken out on the due date that is posted on your bill.

Budget Billing

This special billing plan may help you fit your electric bill into your monthly budget. It is most beneficial if you experience extreme seasonal highs and lows in your electric use.

Once you are approved for this plan, we will determine your average monthly kilowatt-hour use based on your most recent 12-month history. You will be billed that amount every month. At the end of the year, we will determine your actual use, compare it with your budget-billing amount and adjust your bill accordingly. Contact us to apply for budget billing.

Credit Card Payments

Use your Visa or MasterCard to pay your electric bill or purchase products and services from your co-op. Credit card payments can be made on SmartHub , in-person at one of our office locations, or by phone at 1-888-999-0869.

Pay As You Go

This prepaid program allows you to choose how much or how often you want to pay before you use the electricity.

Third-Party Payment Processors

It is not recommended for members to use third-party payment processors. We do accept these payments, but we cannot guarantee payments, fees and/or charges not made directly to the Cooperative. WRVEC recommends using SmartHub if members want to pay online.

Low-income home energy assistance program (LIHEAP)

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps keep Missourians safe and healthy by helping low-income families pay their
energy bills.

Click here to learn more about LIHEAP. You can also visit or call 1-855-FSD-INFO (1-855-373-4636) to speak with a team member.