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We are committed to meeting the needs of our members with green energy solutions.

Net Metered Members

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Paying your bill is convenient, secure and hassle-free. There are a number of payment options based on your lifestyle. We also provide you an itemized break down of your net meter bill.

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Considering Solar?

Every large purchase requires thorough considerations and careful planning. Buying and installing solar panels is no exception. To avoid overspending, it is especially crucial to do accurate calculations and surround yourself with knowledgeable professionals. That’s where we come in. We’ve supplied the following steps to ensure that our Missouri members make the right choice when it comes to installing a form of power generation, like solar.


Step 1: decide if solar is right for you

This is not always an easy answer. Our focus is to ensure you have all the information and data to make the best choice for yourself.   Read our Solar FAQs and other resources before making the decision on whether solar energy is right for you.



Step 2 – Contact WRVEC professionals

As your electric cooperative, we are your source for energy and information. With hundreds of WRVEC members opting for net metering, we know a thing or two about solar PV systems. If you would like to install and operate power generation on the WRVEC system, we recommend you review the following:

  • Make your home more energy efficient before buying a solar system. This can cut energy usage and potentially reduce the size of your new solar energy system – saving you money.
  • Call our team to answer questions, provide resource materials, and determine your energy needs.
  • Choose a reputable contractor/installer. It’s important to compare bids, check references and examine contracts before committing.
  • Make sure, prior to any purchase, that you have applied with WRVEC to interconnect your power generation and that you have met all requirements. (See Step 3)
  • Maintain good records of all pre-purchase and post-purchase data. You never know when that will come in handy.


Step 3 – Make a Formal Application to WRVEC

You can start the process by submitting the appropriate application, as well as ensuring the technology you choose meets requirements. It is likely you will have to get the vendor involved in submitting the application.

Upon receipt of the application and other required documentation, our engineer will review the application for approval. If your application is denied, WRVEC will provide information as to the requirements for approval. Further interconnection studies may need to be executed depending on system size and requirements.

Once approved by WRVEC, the Interconnection Agreement shall be executed and any costs due to WRVEC will need to be paid prior to implementation. Prior to physical interconnection, a WRVEC representative will inspect for proper operation and installation.



Step 4: Or would you like to buy Green power from WRVEC?

Our Green Power Program limits carbon emissions by sourcing renewable energy for residential, commercial and industrial members that wish to play an active role in the development of renewable energy.  The program was created in 2003 and recently enhanced in 2020 to better reflect the needs of our membership. Program benefits include:

  • A fixed-rate green power/renewable energy credit option for all members
  • Allows members to purchase enough energy for 100% of their energy usage
  • Completely voluntary program with six-month billing cycles

There is no noticeable difference in electric service with the Green Power Program. The renewable energy purchased by the members of WRVEC is pooled with other participants from our power provider, Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc. By choosing renewable energy, you are supporting the development of renewable energy sources — which is a benefit for everyone.

For more information about the Green Power Program, check out the member fact sheet below!


Understanding Net Metering

WRVEC prides itself on offering members affordable rates. We continue to do so through net metering – a service that enables customers to use their own generation from on-site renewable energy systems to offset a portion of their electric energy consumption. When members generate electricity in excess of their demand, the energy runs back through the meter and is recorded and credited against the customer’s monthly electricity purchases. Member generation of solar power is most-common, but net metering can also be accomplished with alternative energy sources.


Members must apply for a net meter and complete WRVEC’s pre- and post-construction system requirements, outlined in the Interconnection Agreement. Once approved, WRVEC will visit the member’s property to install the net meter. Note, our approval process may take up to 90 days for approval.

The following graphic illustrates how WRVEC members stay connected to the grid while utilizing a solar power generation system.

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Solar & Net Metering FAQ