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Rebates and Audits

Smart energy choices make a home more comfortable and power bills more affordable. That’s why WRVEC is currently offering several services to help members make their existing homes more energy efficient.

Appliance Rebates

Please note that WRVEC will not rebate Direct Expansion Systems.

Energy Audits

Audits stop the excess use of power by thoroughly inspecting your home, and will save you money by increasing your energy efficiency. The amount of money an energy audit costs will be returned in lower electric bills through the years. Primarily, auditors look for weatherization opportunities – areas where heated or cooled air may be escaping through leaks in door jambs, windows, electrical outlets, or the duct-work of the heating and cooling system. They also examine crawl spaces and basements for energy efficiency opportunities. Basic suggestions towards energy efficiency are also made, such as the implementation of CFLs and LEDs.

All members of our service area are eligible for an energy audit as long as the structure to be audited is a permanent structure owned by the WRVEC member and income requirements are met. The total cost of an energy audit is $350, but the member’s total out-of-pocket cost is $100 with WRVEC’s cost share incentive. Audits must be performed by OACAC (Christian, Stone and Taney Counties) or Ozark Action Inc. (Douglas and Ozark Counties).  If you qualify for assistance from either of these agencies, the audit is free of charge.

When the audit is complete, the auditor will provide you with an energy efficiency kit. This kit will provide the basics to begin necessary repairs and to take the first steps towards energy efficiency as suggested by the auditor. Once the improvements are completed, apply for our weatherization rebate. The Cooperative will refund 50%, up to $750, of the cost of the improvements by the auditor’s report.



Efficiency Tools


The White River Valley Electric Cooperative (WRVEC) commercial lighting rebate program is offered to commercial, industrial and agricultural members. The program encourages members to use less energy to light their facilities by utilizing cost-effective retrofits to existing lighting systems. The money-saving program allows for increased lighting and less energy use through efficient technology and practices.

Qualifying business members will have more than 10 bulbs or fixtures at their facility. The rebate amount will be determined prior to installation and calculated based on an audit of existing and replacement lighting. The total rebate amount is limited to $30,000 per business member each year. The rebate cannot exceed 40 percent of total equipment cost. To apply, fill out the application and attach the Commercial Lighting Spreadsheet with information regarding the proposed lighting upgrades.


Tax Credits and Incentives