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All Ways Safe

You’ll probably begin noticing an addition to our trucks, uniforms and other WRVEC materials in the very near future. “All Ways Safe” is our new, internal communications and culture-building program to make sure that safety is always the top priority at White River Valley Electric Cooperative.

As members, we’re certain you join us in prioritizing the safety of all the employees who serve you — so many of them are your neighbors, friends and family! But you should also know that a safe cooperative is a more cost effective cooperative. Expenses related to workplace accidents and injuries can be huge. Keeping our employees safe is the right thing to do, and it is also key to fulfilling our mission to provide low-cost, safe and reliable energy to Southwest Missouri.

All Ways Safe

Safety Tips

  • You never know what electrical lines may be buried underground. Always Call or Click Before You Dig.
  • It’s Easy. It’s Free. And, it’s the Law. Call 1-800-DIG-RITE, 811 or online to place a locate request.
  • Before cutting down a tree or branches, check for nearby power lines. If a tree was to fall on a power line, it could pose a serious risk.
  • Always treat power lines as if they are energized. If a tree has fallen onto a power line, always treat the tree as if it has been “energized.” Do not touch the tree, or attempt to climb it. Call WRVEC instead.
  • Whenever a power line is involved, always act as if it and everything it is touching is energized—that it has an electrical current running through it and therefore can be dangerous. Do not touch either the power line or anything that it may be touching. Call WRVEC immediately.
  • Always be sure to maintain the minimum required distance between a power line and all equipment—usually 10 feet.
  • If a fire starts from a fallen power line, immediately notify the fire department and your electric cooperative. Stay away from the site of the fire. Read about electrical fire safety here.
  • Never throw water on a fallen power line.