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Installing Whole Home Generators in Missouri

Installing a whole home generator is the best way to protect your home against power outages and other service interruptions.

Portable generators have gained recent popularity because they provide peace-of-mind back-up power in extended outages that can sometimes happen as a result of the changing weather in Missouri. A GenerLink device makes hooking up a portable generator simple and safe. GenerLink, a five-inch device installed behind your electric meter, connects directly to a standard household electric service of 200 amps or less.

When you connect a portable generator to GenerLink, it automatically disconnects your house from the electric utility grid. This prevents backfeed, which can damage your equipment, harm utility personnel and endanger residents.

GenerLink costs $650-800. Before your device is installed, WRVEC must approve the installation. The cost of installation by WRVEC is $75. Please contact us for review, approval, and billing. To place your order, simply contact Global Power Products.