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System Integrity

At WRVEC, an accurate and dependable system is imperative to our success. Through maintaining a solid network and continually evaluating areas for growth, we are able to distribute some of the most reliable energy in the country.

Average Service Availability Index

To measure system performance, the electric utility industry developed the ASAI percentage. This calculation is complex, but involves the help of some other key indecies. This combined information gives WRVEC an average availability of 99.69%, meaning that the Cooperative is undoubtedly reliable and that our members receive dependable power nearly 100% of the time.

2020 System Projects

Our system’s reliability takes into account both planned maintenance and upgrades. Servicing what we already have in place and continually evaluating the network to meet growing demands means that we are dedicated to operating to the best of our abilities and above industry standards. These practices provide the most dependable service for our members. The following projects are either under evaluation, in design, or are currently in progress:


Upgrade line capacity

Digital meter upgrades

Pole changeouts

Washouts due to flooding

Direct buried cables

Underground cable replacement

Make-ready projects (fiber)


Branson Feeder 1, T Hwy Phase 1


Stultz, Stonebridge, Cedar Creek

Finley River, FF Highway

Gretna Feeder 5 & 6


Sparta, Cedar Creek, Protem

Dedication Through Overtime

We excel at delivering reliable power to our membership. However, this accomplishment does not come easy. Unforeseen events, such as severe weather, often require more effort to keep the lights on for our members. WRVEC employees spend many hours over their normal work schedules to do just that.

The graph depicts the annual amount of overtime they incur.

These hours, combined with excellent safety procedures, provide the reliability our members depend on. Remember to #ThankALineworker.