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To enhance the education of students in White River Valley Electric Cooperative’s (WRVEC) five-county service area, WRVEC has allocated funds from Operation Round Up to offer grants to support projects outside the normal public school funding for grades K-12. Individual teachers may each submit one application per year for up to $750. To be considered, proposals must meet the standards of the school’s improvement plan, promoting higher learning.

The following information must be submitted to the Operation Round Up Trust Board for consideration.

  • A completed application must be submitted online.
  • Must include:
    • Teacher’s plan
    • Letter of project approval from the school district’s administrative office and contact information
    • Itemized list of supplies requested (not to exceed $750)

2019-20 Recipients

Congrats to the chosen recipients! You may send us photos and videos of items used in the classroom, here. We’d love to see the grants in action!

Teacher School
Renee Stillings Ava Middle
Kathleen Chaney Bradleyville
Kathy Braden Bradleyville Elementary
Nichole Hunsaker Bradleyville Elementary
Melinda Rogers Bradleyville Elementary
Gina Swift Bradleyville Elementary
Tracey Wilson Bradleyville Elementary
Stephanie Martin Branson
Melody Alms Branson Elementary
Jenna Bradford, Deanna Blackerby Branson Elementary
Melissa Halbrook Branson Elementary
Melissa Harris Branson Elementary
Breken Leonard Branson Elementary
Suzie Thomason Branson Elementary
Tyler Waller Chadwick High
Taylor Brower Forsyth Elementary
Mary Bruffett Forsyth Elementary
Angie Deeter Forsyth Elementary
Kendra Heier Forsyth Elementary
Beverly Jackson Forsyth Elementary
Lisa King Forsyth Elementary
Montye Mickelson Forsyth Elementary
Julie Mingus Forsyth Elementary
Bobbi Randall Forsyth Elementary
Lisa Jo Tilley Forsyth Elementary
Elissa Walls Forsyth Elementary
Melissa Ledbetter Forsyth High
Beverly Phelps Forsyth High
Shelia Sullivan-Myers Forsyth High
Marilyn Whetstone Forsyth High
Karen Garrison Forsyth Middle
Tiffany Knight Forsyth Middle
Shelly Whisenhunt Forsyth Middle
Brenda Clark Gainesville
Candice Collins Gainesville Elementary
Haley Cooper Gainesville Elementary
Sheryl Lawson Gainesville Elementary
Michelle Strain Gainesville Elementary
Christina Lawson Galena
Shawna Sartin Galena
Johnna Rice Galena Elementary
Matthew Carr Galena Middle
Holly Neal Hollister Elementary
Becky Pfitzner Hollister Elementary
Katie Combs Hollister Elementary
Eric Boston Hollister High
Laura Burton Hollister High
Julia Gardino Hollister High
Tracy Hall Hollister High
Matthew Hart Hollister High
Sandy Humbyrd Hollister High
Dana Woodward Hollister High
Will Dyal Hollister Middle
Kirstin Stanley Kirbyville Elementary
Brenda Johnson Lutie Elementary
Yaffah Lewis Lutie Elementary
Timothy Lewis Lutie Elementary
Rebecca Scott Lutie Elementary
Brandon Snow Lutie High
Mende Thorn Lutie High
Lois Honeycutt Lutie Middle
Sandra Woody Lutie Middle
Kim Baxter Mark Twain Elementary
Joyce Noah Mark Twain Elementary
Cathy Moon Mark Twain K-8
Amy Short Nixa Elementary
Matt Fox Ozark Middle
Brooke Mchaffie Plainview
Cindy Hailey Plainview Elementary
Kimberly Woods Plainview Middle
Jennifer Mitchell Reeds Spring
Stacy Bibens Reeds Spring Elementary
Jennifer Bookhout Reeds Spring Elementary
Beth Boyer Reeds Spring Elementary
Alisha Cavinder Reeds Spring Elementary
Sara Cringer & Kim Voelker Reeds Spring Elementary
Kim Hammer Reeds Spring Elementary
Kim Hardy Reeds Spring Elementary
Ashley Khol Reeds Spring Elementary
Diane Loy Reeds Spring Elementary
Katie Vivod Skyline Elementary
Lauren Boeglin Sparta Elementary
Angie Barnes Sparta Elementary
Haleigh Brown Sparta Elementary
Carey Dye Sparta Elementary
Brittney Parks Sparta Elementary
Autumn Sommese Sparta Elementary
Mandy Virden Sparta Elementary
Kristen Wiggam Sparta Elementary
Emily Morris Sparta Highschool
Ozie Eaton Sparta Middle
Michelle Porter Sparta Middle
Kyle Johnson Spokane High
Paig Herd Taneyville Elementary
Devin Donely Thornfield Elementary
Brenda Miller Thornfield Elementary
Christy Cox Thornfield Middle

Power Up Application

Applications for our Power Up grants will be open for 2020-2021 in the fall. Please check back later for more details.