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Power Up

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Our annual grant program for local teachers.

To enhance the education of area students, the White River Valley Electric Trust Board annually allocates funds from Operation Round Up to Power Up — the organization’s educational grant program. Teachers located at schools within WRVEC service territory are eligible to apply for funds to support projects outside of normal school funding for grades Pre K-12. 

The following information must be submitted for consideration:

  • Online application
  • Teacher’s plan
  • Letter of project approval from the school district’s administrative office and contact information
  • Itemized list of supplies requested (not to exceed $750)

Power Up Recipients

Congratulations to the 2020-2021 Power Up recipients. All teachers and corresponding school districts are listed below.

Teacher School District
Kendra Shelton Ava
Katherine Pierson Ava
Renee Stillings Ava
Kimberly Woods Ava
Becky Williams Bradleyville
Susan Mooney Bradleyville
Tracy Wilson Bradleyville
Nick Norwine Bradleyville
Reggie Roepke Bradleyville
Mrs. Kathy Braden Bradleyville
Carol Szabo Bradleyville
Chris Sprague Bradleyville
Amanda Carnal Bradleyville
Melinda Rogers Bradleyville
Melanie Sims Bradleyville
Kelly M. Michael Bradleyville
Sheila Thomas Bradleyville
Gina Swift Bradleyville
Nikki Combs Bradleyville
Lori Storment Bradleyville
Lisa Taylor Bradleyville
Echo Combs Bradleyville
Tracey Shipley Bradleyville
Kerri Hampton Bradleyville
Nichole Hunsaker Bradleyville
Claudia Hodges Bradleyville
Sara Blair Bradleyville
Liska Simmons Bradleyville
Breken Leonard Branson
Jamie Moore Branson
Melissa Harris Branson
Suzie Thomason Branson
Jaynee Beaty Chadwick
Michael Payne Chadwick
Rebecca Thompson Chadwick
Amy Lyerla Forsyth
Angie Deeter Forsyth
Dusty Neill Forsyth
Alex Ellison Forsyth
Amanda G Brown Forsyth
Lisa Tilley Forsyth
Mark W Woody Forsyth
Michele Strain Gainesville
Sheila Thomas Gainesville
Rebecca Massey Gainesville
Haley Cooper Gainesville
Monica Loschen Gainesville
Heidi Gaulding Gainesville
Sheryl Lawson Gainesville
Rachel Hogan Gainesville
Alison Decker Gainesville
April Luna Gainesville
Tracie Wilson Galena
Johnna Rice Galena
Mary Pierce Hollister
Peter Schiefelbein Hollister
Tiffany Buttram Hollister
Shawn Loftis Hollister
Logan Taylor Hollister
Traci Critser Hollister
Taylor Roberts Hollister
Quaid Taylor Hollister
Rebecca A. Stephenson Hollister
Marta Nangle Hollister
Beth Taylor Hollister
Patricia Turner Kirbyville
Phyllis Brixey Kirbyville
Joan Edgmon Kirbyville
Rebekah Dunnam Legacy Academy
Kelly Garrison Legacy Academy
Lakelynn Vaught Lutie
Megan Elliott Lutie
Lois Honeycutt Lutie
Yaffah Lewis Lutie
Misty Souder Lutie
Tara Lininger Lutie
Buck Comstock Lutie
Constance Wood Lutie
Steve Silvey Lutie
Rebecca E. Scott Lutie
Sandra Woody Lutie
Timothy Lewis Lutie
Brenda Johnston Lutie
Sheri Lubbers Lutie
Kathalee Cole Lutie
Shelia  Sullivan Lutie
Maggie Miller Lutie
Randi Hubbard Mark Twain
Shannon Jennings Mark Twain
Ally Clemans Mark Twain
Emily Todd Mark Twain
Ashley Comstock Mark Twain
Lyndee Hawken Ozark
Donna Lillard Ozark
Katherine Morrison Ozark
Julie Doerr Ozark
Brooke McHaffie Plainview School
Stacy Cooper Plainview School
Cindy Hailey Plainview School
Christa Ball Reeds Spring
Amy Moler Reeds Spring
Charlie Burk Reeds Spring
Adria Simkins Reeds Spring
Ashley Kohl Reeds Spring
Jennifer Mitchell Reeds Spring
Matthew Locke Reeds Spring
Jennifer Bookhout Reeds Spring
Erin Bentley Reeds Spring
Megan Jenkins-Smith Reeds Spring
Heather Sargent Reeds Spring
Tricia Weydert Reeds Spring
Haleigh Brown Sparta
Emily Morris Sparta
Ozie Eaton Sparta
Samantha Gailey Sparta
Nicole Humble Sparta
Kaycey Jones Sparta
Rachel Fisher Sparta
Erin Coulter Sparta
Mary Hepler Spokane
Carlie Hall Spokane
Marissa Kyser Spokane
Michael Lewis Spokane
Laken Walden Spokane
Kim Jordan Spokane
Nancy Kubel Spokane
Lisa Pitts Spokane
Amanda Fischer Spokane
Marshana Broyles Taneyville School
Paig Herd Taneyville School
Christy Cox Thornfield
Dawn Sims Thornfield
Jana Lumb Thornfield
Sarah Overcast Thornfield



Applications are accepted and reviewed each fall. Applications for 2021 will open up October 1st and be taken through October 31st. Notifications of awards will be made in December. Checks will be released in January.