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Power Up

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To enhance the education of students in White River Valley Electric Cooperative’s (WRVEC) five county service area, WRVEC has allocated funds from Operation Round Up to offer grants to support projects outside the normal public school funding for grades K-12.

Individual teachers may each submit one application per year. To be considered, proposals must meet the standards of the school’s improvement plan promoting higher learning.

Applications will be accepted in the fall. The following information must be submitted to the Operation Round Up Trust Board for consideration.

  • A completed application must be submitted online or by mail.
  • The teacher’s plan must be included.
  • The principal’s signature is required for mailed applications. For online applications, we will contact the principal to confirm approval.
  • A follow up report is required with the results of the project.
  • Itemized listing of supplies needed.

Power Up Grants have been approved for the 2018-2019 school year. The winners are as follows:

Renee Stillings, Ava

Brandi Smith, Blue Eye

Autumn Thomas, Bradleyville

Nikki Combs, Bradleyville

Amber Barbee, Branson

Breken Leonard, Branson

Lindsey Brummel, Branson

Melissa Harris, Branson

Stephanie Martin, Branson

Suzie Thomason, Branson

Rebecca Thompson, Chadwick

Tonya Rains, Chadwick

Angie Deeter, Forsyth

Courtney Sweeney-Legore, Forsyth

Elissa Walls, Forsyth

James Walls, Forsyth

Jeneanea Lawrence, Forsyth

Kim Kaufman, Forsyth

Lisa King, Forsyth

Mary Beth Lazier, Forsyth

Mary Bruffett, Forsyth

Mary Gabriel, Forsyth

Sarah Bradley, Forsyth

Thomas Wayne Anderson, Forsyth

Brena Clark, Gainesville

Sheila Thomas, Gainesville

Candice Collins, Gainesville

Haley Cooper, Gainesville

Misti Eslinger, Gainesville

Sheryl Lawson, Gainesville

Becky Justis, Galena

Brooke Villa, Galena

Kara Williams, Galena

Kimberly Chapman, Galena

Lisa Underwood, Galena

Rosanna Bivens, Galena

Jasmine Tyler, Hollister

Katie Combs, Hollister

Laura Bush, Hollister

Lisa Taylor, Hollister

Marta Nangle, Hollister

Mary Pierce, Hollister

Melissa Johnson & Dana Kingore, Hollister

Roger Brallier, Hollister

Sandy Humbyrd, Hollister

David Littrell, Kirbyville

Brandon Snow, Lutie

Brenda Johnston, Lutie

Buck Comstock, Lutie

Sandra Woody, Lutie

Timothy Lewis, Lutie

Yaffah Lewis, Lutie

Ashley Comstock

Dana Box, Mark Twain

Kim Baxter, Mark Twain

Randi Hubbard, Mark Twain

Shannon Jennings, Mark Twain

Amy Short, Nixa

Heidi Williamson, Nixa

Abby Wright, Ozark

Albert Bryant, Ozark

Jill Widel & Cara Groves, Ozark

Sarah Brockmeier, Ozark

Brooke HcHaffie, Plainview

Chelsea Maggard, Plainview

Cindy Hailey, Plainview

Regina Lafferty, Plainview

Stacy Cooper, Plainview

Carrie Dresslaer, Reeds Spring

Charlie Burk, Reeds Spring

Chris Jenkins, Reeds Spring

Dane Horton, Reeds Spring

Diane Loy, Reeds Spring

Heather Sargent, Reeds Spring

Jennifer Mitchell, Reeds Spring

Jordan Noel, Reeds Spring

Cindy Smith, Sparta

Emily Morris, Sparta

Haleigh Brown, Sparta

Kaycey Jones, Sparta

Ozie Eaton, Sparta

Samantha Neuenschwander, Sparta

Amy Middleton, Spokane

Cheryl Orr, Spokane

Dara Gulick, Spokane

Marlana Byrne, Spokane

Michele Curbow, Spokane

Adam Thomas, Taneyville

Brandi Turner, Taneyville

Dawn Marsh, Taneyville

Karla Thomas, Taneyville

Leslie Reinke, Taneyville

Misty Gandy, Taneyville

Patricia A Haydon, Taneyville

Brenda Miller, Thornfield

Christy Cox, Thornfield

Devin Donley, Thornfield

Kimberly Beard, Thornfield

Laryme Campbell, Thornfield

Sarah Maas, Thornfield