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Power Up

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Our annual grant program for local teachers.

To enhance the education of area students, the White River Valley Electric Trust Board annually allocates funds from Operation Round Up to Power Up — the organization’s educational grant program. Teachers located at schools within WRVEC service territory are eligible to apply for funds to support projects outside of normal school funding for grades Pre K-12. 


Power Up Recipients

Congratulations to the 2024 Power Up recipients. All teachers and corresponding school districts are listed below.

Teacher School District
Brandy Harvill Ava
Devin Donley Ava
Cindy Hailey Ava
Morgan Emerich Ava
Alison Wilson Ava
Jordan Redford Blue Eye
Monica Cavener Blue Eye
Joan Thompson Blue Eye
Kelsey Lakey Blue Eye
Brandy Norman Blue Eye
Sarah Rider Blue Eye
Susan Mooney Bradleyville
Rebecca Williams Bradleyville
Gina Swift Bradleyville
Matthew Sprague Bradleyville
Hannah Hodges Bradleyville
Emily Todd Bradleyville
Caitlin Woody Bradleyville
Jordan Shrope Branson
Melissa Harris Branson
Bellanne Johnson Branson
Candace Stark Branson
Carrie Clark & Stephanie Ortiz Branson
Breken Leonard Branson
Abby Bertoldie Chadwick
Nikki Combs Chadwick
Shelby Dalton Chadwick
Erica Vaughn Chadwick
Tammy Payne Chadwick
Paig Herd Chadwick
Brittany Garrison Chadwick
Mrs. Carey Head Chadwick
Mark William Woody Forsyth
Angie Deeter Forsyth
Amy Lyerla Forsyth
Sheryl Lawson Gainesville
Amanda Skaggs Gainesville
Candi Lundry Gainesville
Haley Cooper Gainesville
April Luna Gainesville
Heidi Gaulding Gainesville
Doug Corley Gainesville
Alison Decker Gainesville
Sherri Kyle Gainesville
Bethany Barcelona Gainesville
Kristi Walker Gainesville
Hailey Hand Gainesville
Randi Hubbard Gainesville
Dr. Brenda L. Maddan Gainesville
Rachel Hogan Gainesville
Misty Souder Gainesville
Brianna Johnson Gainesville
Melanie Hebblethwaite Galena
Matthew Carr Galena
Amber Purkey Galena
Christina Heisler Galena
Christina Lawson Galena
Moira McCarville Hollister
Mr. Brandon Stitt Hollister
Jessica Townlian Hollister
Paula Adams Hollister
Jane Hasler Hollister
Riley Layton Kirbyville
Bethany Stabo Kirbyville
Karissa Hitchcock Kirbyville
Elizabeth Thompson Legacy Academy
Kelly Garrison Legacy Academy
Bailey Whittaker Legacy Academy
Mackenzie Sellers Legacy Academy
Rob Matyska Lutie
Sandra Woody Lutie
Sierra Scott Lutie
Heath Treat Lutie
Jill Hand Lutie
Nikki Gamblin Lutie
Roxsel Pellham Lutie
Lauren Weyrauch Lutie
Rebecca Scott Lutie
Misty Walrath Lutie
Joyce Noah Mark Twain
Kara Scott Nixa
Christina Morrow Nixa
Erin Evans Nixa
Tiffany Kauffman Nixa
Jacinda Weldy Nixa
Joe Shaughnessy Nixa
Chris Shull Ozark
Mark Trigg Ozark
Alicia Campbell and Maureen Kelts Ozark
Maria Turner Ozark
Katelyn Davis Plainview Elementary
Rebecca Massey Plainview Elementary
Kerri Hampton Plainview Elementary
Sara Criger Reeds Spring
Amy Moler Reeds Spring
Name School
Lindsey Hood School of the Ozarks
Jessica Wright School of the Ozarks
Jana Brixey Skyline
Candace Mayberry Skyline
Heather Jonas Skyline
Jessica Harley Skyline
Alicia Borders Skyline
Ashley Garner Sparta
Carey Dye Sparta
Haleigh Brown Sparta
Joy Finney Sparta
Angie Barnes Sparta
Emma Young Sparta
Ozie Eaton Sparta
Adam Heriford Sparta
Jennifer Loving Spokane
Mrs. Hannah Bray Spokane
Mary Hepler Spokane
Carlie Hall Spokane
Elizabeth Jordan Spokane
Melanie Jordan Spokane
Kathleen Varner Spokane
Rhonda Highfill Spokane
Cheryl Orr Spokane
Ed Queen Spokane
Hope Hale Spokane
Kim Jordan Spokane
Cammy Cook Taneyville
Dawn Sims Thornfield
Jana Lumb Thornfield
Laryme Campbell Thornfield
Erin Wyman Tri-Lakes Cooperative
Emily Johnson Tri-Lakes Cooperative
Melissa Holt Tri-Lakes Cooperative



Applications are accepted and reviewed each fall during the month of October. Notifications of awards are in December and checks will be released in January.

Applications for 2024 have closed. Applications for the 2025 school year will be open October 1-October 31st, 2024.