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Photo of Chris Hamon speaking

CEO Corner

Member Appreciation Days at WRVEC

If you’ve been a member of the Cooperative for a while, you’re probably aware of the seven cooperative principles. If you’re still getting familiar with the co-op world, allow us to share. Seven core principles guide how co-ops, like WRVEC, operate are:

• Voluntary & Open Membership
• Democratic Member Control
• Member Economic Participation
• Autonomy & Independence
• Education, Training & Information
• Cooperation Among Cooperatives
• Concern for Community

Something that you might notice when you glance at the list is that all of these principles are built around one thing in particular…YOU, our member-owners!

White River Valley Electric Cooperative exists to serve our members. We recognize that membership in the Co-op is voluntary, so we are thankful for each and every one of our members to entrust us with the great responsibility of powering their lives. Since the Co-op is local, our employees go to the same ballgames, take their kids to the same parks, and shop at the same grocery stores that you do. We understand that you have a million other things to think about before you consider whether your home is running efficiently or if it’s time to cast your online vote for annual meeting.

To say “thank you” for your time and commitment to our Cooperative, WRVEC will be hosting “Member Appreciation Days” in each county we serve during the week of June 6-10. We will grill hotdogs with the fixings for lunch at each of our offices during that week. We’d like to share a meal, talk shop, and get to know any members that want to stop by and join us.

If you’re out and about and want to hang around the grill, maybe even play a little cornhole, be sure to pull into one of the offices and say “hi!” We appreciate your membership and enjoy the ability to serve you.