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Photo of Chris Hamon speaking

CEO Corner

Community Commitment & Our Membership

At White River Valley Electric, we understand that the communities we serve are the backbone of everything the Co-op is able to do. A specific way WRVEC seeks to maintain and build relationships is through our community programs. This summer, the Co-op hosted local high school students for our Youth Tour and CYCLE programs; and awarded the very first “Plugged-In” Community Enhancement grants. These educational programs and grants are expanded upon in the September 2021 issue of Rural Missouri.

Another important community focused program is quickly approaching. This fall, WRVEC will be holding our annual “Power to Turn Hunger into Hope” food drive. This will be a virtual drive again this year, with monetary donations being accepted Online. The proceeds supply meals to underprivileged individuals and families within our five-county service territory.

We also have the “Power Up” grant program in October, and this is focused on education for our members. WRVEC’s “Power Up” grants are designed to help local teachers within our service territory pay for educational materials that go beyond normal school funding for grades Pre-K-12. WRVEC – through Operation Round Up – help support over 100 teachers each school year.

Relationships built between the Co-op and community members can make all the difference. Even when it comes to supplying our members with reliable power. During the Polar Vortex, relationships with key member accounts played a huge role in making sure WRVEC did not have to shed additional load. WRVEC was able to avoid implementing rolling blackouts across our system because key accounts within the community, along with countless individual member accounts, were able to reduce their power use voluntarily.

These are just a few of the ways that WRVEC makes an effort to connect, engage, and invest in our communities. We are owned by those we serve, so we are accountable to you, our members, and we hope our engagement in the community reflects that.