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Photo of Chris Hamon speaking

CEO Corner

electricity brings value

Many people don’t think about the electricity they use. We expect the lights to turn on at the flip of a switch and the coffeemaker to brew each morning. Oftentimes, it’s only important when the power goes out or when the monthly bill arrives — but there is so much more to it.

Given how electricity powers our daily lives, it’s a great value, especially when compared to other common services and expenses. For example, think back to the cost of a gallon of gasoline 20 years ago. Considering the cost of milk or a value meal a few years back. In comparison, the cost of electricity has remained largely flat, unlike most other consumer goods. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index, electricity increased by less than half a percentage point from 2014-2019 versus other necessities including medical care (3%) and education (2.6%).

The bottom line: electricity brings everyday value. In fact, WRVEC has an average availability of 99.69%. Considering that electricity is something that we all use around the clock, I’m very proud of our track record.

At the same time, we are striving to increase our reliability, reduce service interruptions and lower costs. We are continually working to improve operations that ensure a smarter grid and explore renewable energy options where possible. Some of our 2021 projects include upgrades to line capacity and digital meters, underground cable replacement, pole changeouts, and enhancing our integrated vegetation management program. Servicing what we already have in place and continually evaluating the network to meet growing demands means that we are dedicated to operating to the best of our abilities and above industry standards. Learn more at

WRVEC is your electric co-op and our sole purpose is to serve you and the needs of our community. That’s everyday value.