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Photo of electrician securing a chain on a pole

Right of Way

The right-of-way program helps to keep our lines clear of trees and overgrown vegetation to provide the safest and most reliable electricity for our members.

WRVEC Maintenance Program

No one wants to lose their trees, but please be assured that right-of-way trimming is a necessary step WRVEC takes to ensure greater safety for workers and the public, and to ensure more reliable service for its members. Trees are one of the leading causes of unplanned service interruptions. A WRVEC representative is available throughout the process, when trimmers are in your area, to respond to any questions or concerns.

Tips for planting:

A. If landscaping is needed near right-of-way areas or in the wire zone, choose low growth shrubs under 5′ height.

B. Smaller trees should be 20′ away from power lines.

C. Medium trees need to be planted at least 35′ away from lines.

D. Large trees need to be planted at least 45′ away from overhead lines.

E. Trees planted too close to the lines will always be misshapen by unavoidable pruning of limbs to prevent interference with power lines.


state statute

Missouri legislators passed revised statute 537.340 on August 28, 2009. This statute allows electric suppliers the authority to maintain power line right-of-way by trimming, removing and controlling trees and other vegetation within 15 feet of either side of the centerline of electric lines. All potentially energized at or below 34.5 kilovolts, will be removed per the statute. While the bill authorizes a 60 foot removal area, WRVEC chooses to restrain cutting whenever possible to 30 feet. The bill, Senate Bill No. 958, Section 537.340, can be read in its entirety here.