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Board of Directors

As a cooperative, White River Valley Electric is controlled and governed by its membership. Members elect individuals from their district to represent them on the Board of Directors. The Board then, collectively, sets policy and helps to guide strategic planning.


2018-2019 Directors

Photo of Jenny Photo of Keet Short

District A

Jenny Whorton (Sec./Treasurer) –  Reeds Spring
Keet Short – Galena

Photo of Russell Jackson Donnie Rains

District B

Russell Jackson – Kirbyville
Donnie Rains – Branson


JJ Leek Photo of Jeff Hyatt

District C

J.J. Leek – Ozark
Jeff Hyatt (Vice President) – Sparta


District D

Neal Crum – Ava

Photo of Pat Funk Photo of Bill Cook

District E

Pat Funk (President) – Gainesville
Bill Cook – Theodosia

Interested in becoming a director?

Do you have a passion for serving the community? Are you a strategic thinker with the ability see the big picture? Are you familiar with the elements of the cooperative business model? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you may be an ideal board candidate. Read the following to learn more about being a director.