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Board of Directors

As a cooperative, White River Valley Electric is controlled and governed by its membership. Members elect individuals from their district to represent them on the Board of Directors. The Board then, collectively, sets policy and helps to guide strategic planning.


2018-2019 Directors

District A

Jenny Whorton (Vice President) – Reeds Spring
Keet Short (Sec./Treasurer) – Galena

District B

Lyle Rowland – Cedarcreek
Donnie Rains – Branson


District C

J.J. Leek – Ozark
Jeff Hyatt (President) – Sparta


District D

Neal Crum – Ava

District E

Pat Funk  – Gainesville
Jim Kyle – Gainesville

Interested in becoming a director?

Do you have a passion for serving the community? Are you a strategic thinker with the ability see the big picture? Are you familiar with the elements of the cooperative business model? If you answered “yes” to these questions, you may be the ideal board candidate.

Read each section below to learn more about being a director.  Consider applying if you meet the qualifications, understand the time commitment, and feel you would be an asset to WRVEC.

The deadline for 2020 candidate applications has closed. The qualified applicants have been asked to attend a nominating committee interview on July 7 at the WRVEC Branson office.

*Since we will not have an in-person meeting, floor nominations are not viable this year. Given the circumstances, we are temporarily implementing the petition option presented in our 2020 bylaw amendments. This states that candidates choosing to run by petition will only have to obtain 15 member signatures total, versus the previous five percent of the district. This exception provides potential nominees an opportunity to still run even though; the window to submit applications and be vetted through the nominating committee has closed and floor nominations are not available because the meeting format has changed due to the pandemic. Those interested shall do so no later than 4 p.m. on Tuesday, July 7. This will allow time to verify the candidate is a member in good standing and gives WRVEC an opportunity to notify the membership of the full slate of 2020 candidates.

To submit your petition, Email Angie O’Dell – Manager of Executive Business.