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Appliance Rebates

Qualifying Appliances Residentiai Commercial
Electric Water Heaters .9 Efficiency / 40 Gallon Minimum $50/ limit 2 N/A APPLY
Energy Star Heat Pump Water Heaters 50%/ up to $500/ limit 2 50%/ up to $500/ limit 2
Energy Star Window Air Conditioner $50/ limit 1 N/A
Ground Source Heat Pumps New Installation $750/ton* $750/ton*
Ground Source Heat Pump Replacement $150/ton* $150/ton*
Dual Fuel Heat Pumps 17 Seer or Higher $150/ton $150/ton
Mini-Split Heat Pumps $150/ton N/A
Energy Star Advanced “Smart” Programmable Thermostats $50/ limit 2 $50/ limit 2
Commercial/ Industrial Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) for HVAC N/A $50 per brake HP
Basement/ Crawl Space/ Slab Insulationmust accompany ground source heat pump installation 50%/ up to $500 N/A

*Please note the WRVEC will not rebate Direct Expansion Systems

Per IRS regulations, all applicants must submit a W-9 to qualify for rebates $600 or over. If you think you may qualify, complete the W-9 form and include it with your rebate application.

Is upgrading to an energy efficient system really worth the money? Find out using this SEER Savings Calculator.


The White River Valley Electric Cooperative (WRVEC) commercial lighting rebate program is offered to commercial, industrial and agricultural members. The program encourages members to use less energy to light their facilities by utilizing cost-effective retrofits to existing lighting systems. The money-saving program allows for increased lighting and less energy use through efficient technology and practices.

Qualifying business members will have more than 10 bulbs or fixtures at their facility. The rebate amount will be determined prior to installation and calculated based on an audit of existing and replacement lighting. The total rebate amount is limited to $30,000 per business member each year. The rebate cannot exceed 40 percent of total equipment cost.


Tax Credits and Incentives

WRVEC members can take advantage of the following tax credits and incentives from both the federal and Missouri state government.