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“Peak Alert” issued in extreme weather conditions

Branson, Missouri 

White River Valley Electric Cooperative has issued a peak alert [effective immediately] through Wednesday, February 17Members are asked to reduce the use of electricity during the peak hours 6-10 a.m. and 4-8 p.m. Electric providers across the Midwest are seeing an unprecedented demand on the power grid due to extreme weather conditions and skyrocketing natural gas prices. 

WRVEC members can also implement several other practices to reduce the amount of electricity used during extended artic temperatures. 

  • Turn and keep thermostat down 2-3 degrees. 
  • Minimize the use of major appliances at the same time.
  • Use space heaters sparingly.
  • Seal around drafty doors and windows
  • Change furnace filters.
  • Turn down thermostats on electric water heaters.
  • Turn off lights & unplug small appliances not in use.

 “Implementing efficiency measures and shifting electricity use outside of peak times helps to minimize the demand on the power grid and significantly lower the effect on a member’s bill,” reports CEO Chris Hamon. 

Members are encouraged to access the SmartHub application to monitor their energy use. Helpful information can also be found at www.whiteriver.orgby following social media channels, or calling directly at (417)335-9335. 





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White River Valley Electric Cooperative is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative dedicated to ensuring our members receive safe and reliable service in their homes and businesses across five southwest Missouri counties including Ozark, Taney, Stone, Christian and Douglas.