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White River Valley Electric Co-op to Pay $3.1 Million in Capital Credits

Branson, MO

White River Valley Electric Cooperative (WRVEC) will pay over three million dollars back to its membership through capital credits. The member-owned cooperative supplies electric to five counties in Southwest Missouri; Christian, Douglas, Ozark, Stone, and Taney. Since WRVEC is a not-for-profit, they return money to their members in the form of capital credits.

When members sign up to receive service from White River Valley Electric Cooperative, they become a member of the electric utility provider. WRVEC assigns and pays capital credits based on how much electricity was purchased during a year. The Cooperative pays the bills for things like power generation, maintenance, and operations. The money left over after those bills are paid each year is called a margin. Margins provide equity for the Cooperative and are assigned to members through capital credits.

White River Valley Electric Cooperative will be paying $3.1 million in capital credits in 2023. Capital credits are assigned annually to each member and are paid in accordance with the Cooperative’s bylaws. A percentage of the following years’ credits will be paid in 2023:  1988, 1989, 1990,1998, and 2021.  Capital credits will be distributed to members on their bills beginning in July 2023. Former members, who no longer have a bill where credits can be applied, will receive a check in the mail.

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White River Valley Electric Cooperative is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative dedicated to ensuring our members receive safe and reliable service in their homes and businesses across five southwest Missouri counties including Ozark, Taney, Stone, Christian and Douglas.